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Helpful tips when buying glasses

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Buying glasses can seem confusing, there are so many options, lenses, lens coatings, and styles. Then add in the types of glasses, regular glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, computer glasses, sports glasses….Oh my!

The best advice we can give is to talk with an experienced Optician, our opticians are trained and experienced in helping each customer find the perfect pair (or pairs).

The most common question we hear at our optical is, how many pairs and what kind of lens do I really need?

A big part of the decision is your lifestyle.

A busy mom, a retired senior, and sports enthusiasts will have different needs. Protecting your eyes and eye health is key to comfortable eyes and long-term vision health.

Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

UV rays are a danger easily avoided with UV protection either as a pair of fashionable sunglasses, a coating on your lens, a transition style lens, or contact lenses with UV protection. In addition to being super fun and stylish, sunglasses are a way to express your unique sense of fashion with amazing colors, styles, shapes, and looks.

Protect Your Eyes From the Computer

Blue light and long periods of mid-distance viewing computer screens and phones is harmful to your eyesight and creates eye strain, headaches, and dry/gritty eyes, computer glasses or a lens coating can prevent the danger and discomfort.

Protect Your Eyes From A Sports Injury

Sports players should be careful to wear glasses that are impact resistant or wear contact lenses in order to prevent eye injury from broken glasses.