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Designer Frames

Mt. Airy Eye Care offers an extensive selection of frames and sunglasses with the latest styles from top designers. Here’s a list of some of the top brands we’re proud to feature:


silhouette 20ad

With an emphasis minimalism and highlighted your individuality, Adidas Silhouette eyewear is designed to enhance your unique look through innovative technologies in lenses, frames and strong materials combined with an eye for harmonic design.

Kate Spade

Kate 20Spade 20BNS 201280x480

Frames are fashionable and functional. Available in a large selection of colors and styles. Kate Spade frames are known as appealing to diverse lifestyles, with eclectic colors and prints.


Nike 20BNS 201280x480

Nike’s motto “Designed from sport, evolved for life” perfectly sums up their unique product, which melds the technological advances garnered from their vast experience working with professional athletes with the needs of everyday life.

Ray Ban

Ray 20Ban 20BNS 201280x480

Ray Ban is the best selling designer frames in the world. This is not a coincidence, as Ray Ban has perfected the use of the latest technological innovations in frame design with unquestionable style.

Marc Jacobs

Marc 20Jacobs 20BNS 201280x480

Marc Jacobs frames are known as sophisticated designer eye wear combining an urban look with a focus on detail. Known for their retro and vintage styles, their frames speak to those that are sure of their own personal style.


Prodesign Slide logo

ProDesign Denmark consistently produces fresh, funky styles that distinguish wearers with their clean and simple lines, consistent high quality, and unique ability to combine lightness of form with functional strength.


Oakley BNS 1280x480

Oakley is synonymous with active living. These frames are are rugged, trendy and crafted to those who love sports and the outdoors. From specialty glasses to everyday frames, Oakley frames promises comfort, durability, and style.



Prada has been iconic for fashion for a century. Rooted in both tradition and innovation, Prada eyewear constantly cultivates contrast: the banal turns precious, basic is made brave and beautiful, exaggeration becomes essential.

Maui Jim

Slide maui jim

Maui Jim blends quality with inspiration of the Hawaii beach culture. Their eyewear is a blend of comfort, durability, and an easy relaxed style. Their designer sunglasses line has been named best sunglasses in 2015 and 2016.

Juicy Couture

ss Juicy Couture BNS 1280x480 compressor

Juicy Couture brings the paradox of the edgy and eye-catching tracksuit, combined with bubbly personality in fashion to produce an extraordinary line of sunglasses. These contrasts deliver a product that’s both relaxed and conscious of its own appeal.


Coach BNS 1280x480

Coach is the All American brand of “big city” urban living. Their frames combine an easy-going temperament with a fast pace of style that’s cool and composed. Their New York feeling imparts a look that’s both classic and always on-the-move without ever losing its cool.

Dolce & Gabbana

fux brille 6740

Dolce and Gabbana combines form and structure to produce eyewear that bold, daring, and pleasantly assertive in line and color. Constructed out of exclusive materials, their frames are durable and lasting without sacrificing on style.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic BNS 1280x480

Banana Republic makes eyewear that’s both sleek and casual. Their focus on clean lines and soft colors delivers the perfect frames for all citizens and tourists of the Banana Republic who value subtle elegance and attention to detail.


Opticians 20Pick 20 20MarkEcko

For nearly 100 years, Lafont has been making frames that combine Parisian chic elegance with a family-oriented art deco feel. These glasses are painstakingly designed and feature styles ranging from the sleek and smart to the whimsical and light-hearted.


Bvlgari 4092B 5374 hd 1

Bvlgari glasses are the culmination of the marriage between Italian jewelry and high-fashion functionalism. This brand produces designs that celebrate innate feminine beauty combined with metropolitan elegance and noble charm.

Giorgio Armani

Armani Men 1280x480

The Armani line of frames and sunglasses present a look that combines classiness and sophistication with elegant minimalism. Armani eyewear delivers a product that makes a thoughtful haute-couture statement without flamboyance or theatrics.

iGreen High-Tech Frames

iGreen 1280x480

iGreen frames and lenses are a technological advancement in eyewear. Combining style with the advanced materials, iGreen glasses are customizable ― allowing you to play with color and shape for a truly bespoke product.


T015 Sigmund 9000 black coal matte Sid

Neubeau designs frames that highlight individual character and uniqueness. Their designs imbue a sense of urban creativity, combined with a sense of thoughtful and sophisticated aesthetic expression.

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  • Kate Spade
  • Nike Eyewear
  • Ray-Ban
  • Marc Jacobs
  • ProDesign
  • Oakley
  • Prada
  • Maui Jim
  • Juicy Couture
  • Coach
  • Dolce And Gabbana
  • Banana Republic
  • Lafont
  • Bvl
  • Giorgio Armani
  • IGreen
  • Neubau

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